3 successful pharmacies that are using dawatech

Enhancing your pharmacy work process can be challenging without the use of an efficient ERP system. Today, the competition is constantly rising with many pharmacies opening or expanding. If you don’t invest in technology, you might find yourself losing the competition as well as  important revenue sources.

Pharmacy ERP systems come with many advantages to your business and customers. They help you centralize your management, improve patient care, control your employees, improve sales levels, and much more.

In this article, we will drop the theoretical talk and give you some practical examples of pharmacies that are using dawatech to improve their business performance.

Al-Masry Pharmacy 

Located in Jordan, Al-masry is one of the most prominent pharmacies that provide excellent healthcare services. It operates both in-store and online to facilitate communication with its customers and provide help in every way possible. 

Barriers to success 

The pharmacy was managed traditionally without the use of any software which slowed down its development amid the rising competition.

The owner wanted to have a solution to save expenses, improve profit, and monitor products movement from one branch to another and from suppliers to the branches.

A complete solution

dawatech provided the owner with visualized data and detailed reports that he used to make smarter decisions about the business. He was able to track, monitor, and manage everything about the branches from a single platform.

Building resilience 

Only after 3 months of using dawatech, the owner has experienced the difference: 



Low sales rate

Increased purchases and better cash flow

Poor customer service

More personalized patient care that caused a surge in customer satisfaction 

Distracted and non-productive staff due to lack of proper tools

Motivated, focused, and efficient

Lack of data security due to accessible documents

Highly secured patient and business data that is only accessed by permitted personnel  

Al-hayat Pharmacy

Located in Jordan, Al-hayat is a chain pharmacy, specializing in providing a wide range of health and cosmetics products. Although it has been providing its services for several years, the company found management issues that prevented it from expanding further.

The pains of an outdated software

Al-hayat pharmacy was run on poorly functioning software that deprived its owner of having full visibility on his business and stock. The system experienced constant downtime which prevented his employees from serving the customers the way they expected. Additionally, the staff was busy performing manual tasks which had recurring human errors.

Looking for a better tomorrow

The owner started using dawatech to regain control over his business and ensure more accurate product transfers between branches.

Reaping the rewards

dawatech has successfully paved the way for more growth:



Lack of visibility

Full and centralized control from one system, one screen and one place

Poor customer service

Dynamic and proactive support

Understocking and overstocking

Superior stock management which resulted in huge saving and better cash flow

Fluctuating profitability

Increased purchase saving and overall revenue

Poor decision making

Data-backed decisions to expand


Jaber Pharmacy

A pharmacy located in Jordan and was run on an old system. The owner wasn’t able to accurately manage his stock and expiry dates and was dependent on manual work - which all led to poor patient support. He knew he needed a more modern solution to get a tighter grip on his business.

The right solution, at the right time

After installing the dawatech system, he was able to track his stock accurately and improve the purchase model. The work process and communication with the suppliers became easier and centralized.

Sustainable Growth 

dawatech connected points of success and growth more tangible:



Wasted time and effort on menial work

Automated purchase orders

Poor knowledge about stock needs

A strong balance between incoming and going stock

Lack of control over work operations

Robust control through detailed reports and visualized data

Lost profit and poor cash flow

Higher profitability and better savings


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