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Pharmacy POS
Fully integrated POS solution with unique modules and drug-to-drug interaction, to help you provide faster customer service by completing several transactions with few clicks. Our POS system is designed to be easy to use by pharmacists as we understand the hassle and burden of payments. Not only this, but also you will be able to generate detailed and time-to-time sales reports that will help you improve your decision-making process.
If lost sales are affecting your profitability, Dawatech will help you manage your sales processes from order to purchase. Besides, you will be able to completely automate and boost your pharmacy retail through one comprehensive platform. Our cloud-based ERP pharmacy is designed to improve your business needs with an advanced sales module that helps you run your workplace with few clicks.

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Our pharmacy ERP platform will reduce the time and effort spent on accounting processes, ensuring a seamless and automated process without human errors and costs spent on labor. This will also help you invest the saved money on managing many discount and loyalty programs to enlarge your customer base and maximize satisfaction.

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