5 Ways to Improve Patient Experience in your Pharmacy
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Although improving patients’ experience in your pharmacy can be done easily, its impact is crucial on your sales and overall customer satisfaction.

In this article will explain important factors that can enhance the way you deal with your patients.

Engage with your customers

You should be able to interact with different types of patients and each one should be treated carefully according to their needs and condition. 

Personalized care can increase patients’ satisfaction like never before. Interacting with customers aims at improving the patient experience in your pharmacy, which increases your chance to be their permanent destination when buying medicines and preparations.

One of the important things that contribute to customer satisfaction is to teach them how to use medicines, giving them more info about the side effects, and suggesting other alternatives in case if the requested items are out of stock. 

Further, speed of service is another factor that you should consider.

Don’t forget that there are many competitors out there, but only your treatment can make your pharmacy their number one choice.

Deliver customized advice

It is important to deliver advice and consultation for your patients, and not only offer them medicines.

The consultation should be part of the patient experience at your pharmacy, in order to reassure patients that you are very familiar with their needs. 

Don’t limit your advice to the new or current customers, but you can also contact previous customers, who have stopped visiting you for any reason. This will enhance customer engagement with your pharmacy and improve your its reputation.

Organize your pharmacy

Organizing your pharmaceutical products and cosmetics can help patients find what they are looking for easily and instantly, reducing the time of service.

The organization of the shelves can be comfortable for the eye and gives a better impression about your pharmacy

The arrangement of your pharmacy helps your team to avoid confusion during the sale, as the drugs can be accessed according to the way you arrange them, helping staff to reach items in few seconds.

Provide easy payment options

You should provide as many payment options as possible for the patients, such as cash, credit, and debit cards. 

You can also provide online payment, e-payment solutions, or smart applications.

The options are countless!

By doing this, you increase the sales volume and ensure better patient experience.

There are a number of other advantages of providing solutions and payment options in your pharmacy:

  • Minimizing waiting time 

  • Enhancing security during payment 

  • Adding a competitive advantage to your pharmacy 

Receive feedback

It is important to receive feedback and evaluation from your patients about your pharmacy’s quality of service.

You should work on studying and executing their suggestions or to avoid the issues they complained about.

You can contact them directly to inform them that you have taken the necessary measures based on their suggestions or complaints.

If it is not possible to apply their suggestions soon for any reason, you should be able to inform them with the expected time of implementation, in order to gain their trust.

You should know that if your customers feel you are neglecting their evaluations and that you don’t deal quickly and efficiently with their suggestions or complaints, they will simply look for another alternative.

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