Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Pharmacy Management Solutions
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Artificial intelligence (AI) has been an integral part of SAS software, including those related to pharmaceutical management solutions to effectively improve the way pharmacists work and make money.

Gartner Company expects that during 2021, the percentage of large organizations that will integrate artificial intelligence to assist employees will reach 40%, and that (AI) will be strongly merged in vital fields like the medical ones.

Pharmacy managers became more interested than ever in supporting their business with artificial intelligence (AI) technologies due to the vast amount of data they can streamline and use to improve their profitability.

Data Organization

Artificial intelligence (AI) converts data into readable and analyzable information since it can convert photocopied paper documents saved as images in the system into Word and PDF files that can be read easily.

In this case, the system excludes any unimportant or unused data and puts it in a marginal category; then, it gives recommendations regarding the amendment of the work techniques and documental cycle after processing a huge amount of data.

Clients Recognition

Artificial intelligence (AI) can recognize clients, study them well, issue reports on their conditions and make future predictions about their consumption of drugs or their health conditions that can be easily streamlined in your pharmacy management system.

Further AI can issue comprehensive analytics on the pharmacy’s clients, and this data can be used in several ways:          

Researches and studies

Providing each client with personalized advice and guidance according to their condition

Recommending certain medical items 

Some pharmacy solutions link weight, diabetes and blood pressure measuring devices with the database so that measurements can be monitored and compared, and delivered to the client to give more information about their condition 

Quality Improvement

The quality of pharmacy services depends mainly on the competence of employees to increase clients’ satisfaction, which can be achieved through using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that give employees a huge amount of useful and organized information about their clients.

This data contributes to raising the operational efficiency of pharmacies by delivering fast and effective patient care.

Furthermore, we currently spend from 10-20% of time in carrying out routine and regular tasks that can be accomplished by artificial intelligence with less human error and more productivity.

Advanced Data

A team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was able to develop artificial intelligence (AI) so that it could conduct pharmacological research based on simulation or predict medical formulations.

Massive amount of data used in the experiment allows the suggestion of medical formulations automatically in a way that simulates what pharmacists do in pharmaceutical factories.

These outputs can be linked in the future to the pharmacy management solutions to suggest alternatives or clarify the characteristics of some drugs.

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