Do you know these 5 pharmacy reports that help you enhance your business?

Building and managing a sustainable pharmacy business doesn’t happen without data-backed planning. Today, data is crucial. It is what fuels your business growth and maps out where you need to go. 

Additionally, accuracy plays an essential role during the planning and management phases. Imagine building your whole business on false data; it’d surely give you a false success that’d cost you your money and reputation down the road.

Real successful pharmacy owners appreciate data. They know it can be a great weapon in fighting uncertainty and doubts while giving them a clear picture of the pharmacy’s past, present, and future. 

Below, we will talk about 5 important reports that you can generate from dawatech and their functionalities in sustaining and supporting your business.

Drug Usage Report

You can generate daily, weekly, or annual reports about every drug usage to see which medications and pharmaceutical products have higher demand than others. Not all drugs are bought equally; some might be sold quickly while others collect dust on the shelves. You need to be prepared and purchase the right amount to maintain your profit margin. 

Sales Report

What is your sales volume? Which months sell better? How effective is your sales approach? Which sales trends you need to know? All these questions and more can be answered by sales reports. They can, simply, provide pharmacy owners and managers with a holistic and comprehensive view over the sales efforts and the weaknesses that need to be addressed to sell better.

With dawatech, you can check these reports from anywhere, at any time, across different time periods. 

Inventory Report

The inventory report is one of the most important assets in your business management. It tells you what stock you have and what is missing, when to order the next shipment, what is the value of your inventory, and more. If you don’t know such data, you might not cover all your customers’ needs and your management might go out of hand, leading to more profit loss and chaos.

dawatech provides you with detailed inventory reports that you can easily filter and analyze to understand the big picture of your business and fulfill more patient demands.

Staff Performance Report

Keeping an eye on your employees all the time might not be effective, especially if you own a pharmacy chain. Not being able to monitor them constantly might loosen your grip over your business management. 

Here is where staff performance reports turn out to be very useful!

You can easily and simply streamline daily, monthly, and annual reports about each one of your staff members to check his/her performance, input, workflow, adherence and more. You no longer need to keep watching them closely; instead you can check all the data from a single screen to gain a better informed understanding of how the business is running.

Patient Report 

Tracking, monitoring, and understanding patient medical history and buying behavior can be a great asset in improving your pharmacy service. You can use such data to personalize your care and provide custom advice. Personalization can improve the relationship you build with your patients and establish a sense of trust and loyalty between you and your customers.

Want a stronger reporting tool for your pharmacy?

dawatech is developed with smart and efficient reporting tools to combine all reports in one platform. With few clicks, you can generate any type of report and filter your options to reach more accurate and detailed data. All reports can be accessed from any device, location, and time to give you more freedom and agility to make faster and better-informed business decisions.

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