how centralized management can help you increase a pharmacy business's revenue

There are many vital challenges facing pharmacy businesses that use traditional management techniques, these outdated techniques are causing lack of control, loss of profit, and poor productivity.

For this reason, major pharmacy businesses are keen to use ERP systems, to control internal operations, and avoid the occurrence of management routine problems.

Let’s see how could pharmacy ERP systems help to centralize management in one platform, to increase revenues at the end of the process:

Pharmacy Business Inventory management

The era of relying on paper and pen in pharmacy inventory management is over, now all of these tasks are done automatically without strenuous effort from the pharmacists’ team.

The ERP system will help you develop your pharmacy business by:

  • Help determine the products that have a high purchase demand, to ensure that you provide sufficient quantities of them.

  • Help determine the products that are about to be out of stock, to provide them shortly, to avoid saying “Not available!” to a patient, to keep your customer’s loyalty and satisfaction.

So instead of relying completely on pharmacists in those boring tasks, you can get them done automatically through the system.

Pharmacy Business Sales Management

Traditional ways of tracking and monitoring your monthly & quarterly sales are totally uncontrolled, they cause sales losses and budget shortfalls for unclear reasons. ERP systems found a solution for that.

  • Your pharmacy business selling process starting from ordering, ending to payment, will be automated through the system.

  •  All sales processes will be documented on the system, so you can get back to them or give them a look for any reason.

Pharmaceutical formulations compounding

This feature is specifically designed to save the extra effort wasted by pharmacy businesses in the process of compounding:

  • It speeds up the process of calculating product costs, creating labels with special barcode numbers, and more.

Thus, the process of making pharmaceutical compounds in specialized pharmacies becomes easier, automated, and doesn’t require repetitive effort to perform the same tasks every time the pharmacist creates compound batches.

Pharmacy Business billing management

Following up on the financial affairs of your pharmacy business periodically makes you aware of all the details, but doing so in the traditional way is a difficult task, requiring huge effort and a long time.

Using ERP systems, you will get detailed reports for selling and purchasing actions, with the ability to share those reports with anyone to view or edit, to be aware of any increase or decrease in profits rates, and to identify their causes, and ensure that you are always on the right track.

Pharmacy POS

Getting rid of payment problems and difficulties makes customers happier and more satisfied with the purchasing experience, and this is the underlying importance of the POS feature.

It helps in providing faster customer service by completing several transactions with a few clicks. It is also easy to use by pharmacists, with the ability to generate reports, to improve decision-making processes.

All these distinctive features will make the managing process centralized, so the pharmacy business profits increase significantly, due to getting rid of the traditional ways of following up on the daily updates.

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