this is how pharmacists can simply get started with dawatech

Investing in a smart pharmacy management ERP system is no longer a luxury. It has become a must, especially if you want to keep your business profitable and flourishing. Because dawatech was developed by pharmacists, we know how competitive and tough the pharmaceutical market is. We know that what worked a few years ago, might not work now. Hence, we enhance, improve, and develop our product to fit your demands now and tomorrow. 

We are shaped by technology and we shape technology to meet our complicated needs. But, despite the complexity of the pharmaceutical business, we created dawatech to be easy to use by managers, owners, and staff – no advanced technical skills needed. It’s a simple, easy, and efficient solution to give you control and gain profit.

In this article, we will show you how dawatech can be easily integrated into your business management.

4 steps to get started with dawatech

The pharmaceutical business is full of stress and hassle. With dawatech, you will enjoy a full and fast integration process to get started.

Step 1: After meeting up with you and discussing your business goals and needs, we sign  the agreement and welcome you to the dawatech family. Our team will take you through the platform and explain everything you need to know in detail.

Step 2: Your pharmacy will be granted access to our low-cost subscription-based platform. You can now explore dawatech freely and check its features.

Step 3: You have a fully functional plug-and-play pharmacy ERP software, including a powerful point of sale solution. You can track, monitor, and manage your business, staff, inventory, sales, and suppliers with a few clicks. Additionally, you can customize the reporting tools to generate daily, monthly, or annual reports.

Step 4: Through dawatech, you can easily track your inventory and restock on medications low in stock and it also prevents you from restocking medications that are not selling much.

Key benefits

  • Full ERP cloud-based solution for pharmacies to keep their data safe and accessible so they can review all type of reports, place purchase orders and monitor performance anytime and anywhere 

  • State-of-art point of sale with clinical modules and drug-to-drug interaction

  • Fully-automated: no data entry needed for both pharmacies and suppliers

  • Instant communication between suppliers and pharmacies

  • Online payment using credit cards and all available payment options

  • Full and easy access to the product order history

  • Pharmacy “Reward” module: accumulated reward points can be redeemed as per supplier offers, also this can be used to help small pharmacies reach their target bonus scheme

  • Pharmacies “Returns” module to automate return shipments processing

  • Multi-supplier ordering from one platform: Pharmacies will have all the information they need in one place to compare offers and to place orders efficiently in few clicks

  • Pharmacy incoming orders tracking so they can predict and manage their incoming shipments

  • Plug & play module for new pharmacies, recommending initial stock based on area

  • Demand and financial planning

What are you waiting for?

It’s time to reinforce your control over your pharmacy business with dawatech,  request a demo today!

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