8 steps for suppliers to get dawatech easily integrated into your business

Working in the dark has its awful consequences on pharmacy suppliers. “How can it happen?” You might ask. Well, if you don’t have control over your business or have difficulty communicating the new offers to your clients or waste many sales along the process, this is when you know that you are working in the dark. And this is when you know you need to do something about it!

Dawatech is not just for pharmacy owners and managers, it is also developed to help suppliers and distributors to get the hang of their business, easily and simply. No more inefficient data, no more manual work, no more lost sales. You get all the information centralized in one platform to manage your supply chain stress-free.

Below, we will show you how dawatech can be integrated into your management process to enjoy countless benefits.

Your business before dawatech

  • Personal relationships are paramount

  • Difficulty in communicating new offers or recalls

  • Patchy market intelligence

  • Inefficient manual paper-based ordering process

  • Elevated financing risk

  • Lost sales due to sub-optimal supply-chain infrastructure

  • Too many middlemen

How dawatech makes the transformation

Step 1: You sign the agreement and join the dawatech family

Step 2: Get full access to dawatech platform where you can explore the features and get familiar with the system

Step 3: Upload the products directly on the system or through APIs integration with supplier’s software

Step 4: customize and set up your terms with each pharmacy you work with

Step 5: Pharmacies make orders on dawatech platform based on suppliers' predefined terms (Push Order feature is available)

Step 6: Supplier receives purchase orders (POs) instantly and the delivery company is notified with shipment schedule date

Step 7: The shipment is shortly delivered to the pharmacy in one click 

Step 8: You can easily rate the customer and vice versa

Your business after dawatech

  • Full ERP Cloud-based solution for suppliers: sales team will be able to monitor their inventory level in market, push orders and plan accordingly 

  • Supplier “Payment-terms” module tailored for each pharmacy 

  • Supplier “Return Policy” module tailored for each pharmacy 

  • Online payment using credit cards and all available payment options 

  • Pharmacy “Reward” module: accumulated reward points can be redeemed as per supplier offers, also this can be used to help small pharmacies reach their target bonus scheme 

  • Supplier “Push Orders” module 

  • Supplier access to pharmacy inventory level: this will enable suppliers to better manage their inventory, address different distribution channels, enhance production forecast and avoid bullwhip effect 

  • Supplier outgoing orders tracking: supplier can monitor all outgoing shipments, schedule and track them from one platform 

  • Supplier “Preferred Logistics Partner” module 

  • Instant communication between suppliers and pharmacies

  • Products batch number and FIFO sales and recalls 

  • Reporting: pharmacies and suppliers rating system, and other reports like market share, sales per medicine/active ingredient, per area, per country etc.

What are you waiting for?

It’s time to reinforce your control over your supply chain business with dawatech, request a demo today!

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