dawatech powerful features: increase you pharmacy's patient care

Patients’ satisfaction is the key measure of any pharmacy’s success. Many factors are involved in achieving it, and all these factors combine together to make a special mixture. This mixture might be comfortable and satisfying for the customer, so he decides to deal with the pharmacy for many upcoming years, or might be unsatisfying, so he starts looking for an alternative that meets his needs.

Based on that, dawatech solution for pharmacies emphasized the features that enhance the pharmacy’s patient care, by taking into account making the interaction between both of them: easy, simple, and free of complications.

In this article, we are going to see how dawatech organized this process through some powerful features:

Payment options

Availability of different payment methods is very important for all customers, especially nowadays. Through the “POS feature” in dawatech, it’s easier for customers to pay, whether inside the pharmacy or through the online store, using credit/ debit cards, or any other available payment methods.

The fully integrated POC solution helps you also to provide faster customer service, by executing multiple transactions in just a few clicks, and it’s designed to be easy to use by pharmacists as well.

Thus, the payment process will be carried out through the system, and these repeated problems that affect the pharmacy’s patient care negatively, will end completely.

Reward module

People not only like the reward that is given to them when they buy from retailers and clothing stores, but they also appreciate it from the pharmacy that they deal with.

So, dawatech provides a reward module that is responsible for organizing and monitoring the process of rewarding customers.

The goal of this feature is to increase customers' loyalty, attract new customers via word of mouth, and increase profits definitely.

Recorded patient history (A key factor in pharmacy’s patient care)

Imagine that a patient has been dealing with your pharmacy for two years and visiting you on average once a week, and every time this patient comes, you ask him the same questions about his medical history.. frustrating, isn't it?

Therefore, one of the most important features of dawatech's solution is recording patients’ history data, to be able to review it before dispensing any medication, or before providing any medical advice.

Continuous recording of patients’ history results in more efficient pharmacy’s patient care, higher customer satisfaction rates, and increasing customer loyalty.

Reduced prescription errors (A crucial factor in pharmacy’s patient care)

A task assigned to a dedicated one is always done correctly!

Assigning the process of dispensing medical prescriptions to the automated system, reduces error rates, and assures the service provider that medicines reach the patient without any unexpected situations happening.

Instead of the professional pharmacist being preoccupied with many monotonous details related to dispensing medications periodically, the system will help him to do this task smartly and efficiently.

Now you can use dawatech, a cost-efficient cloud-based solution. It will improve your pharmacy’s patient care, by controlling the purchasing process tightly, to make it smoother and simpler. Hence, the experience of buying from your pharmacy becomes pleasant for the customer, and he will never search for an alternative.

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