How Would Pharmacy CRM Transform the Shape of the Industry?
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Pharmacy CRM systems have developed mechanisms and methods that serve the pharmacists’ work, that the profession is no longer depending solely on competence with regard to drug formulations or drug handling.However, there are many skills that have become linked to the pharmacy profession especially with the automation of pharmacies.

Pharmacy CRM As an Integral Part of the Profession

The scientific aspect, along with the knowledge and technology, has become the core of the modern pharmacy profession. 

Each pharmacist should not only be aware with drugs and pharmaceutical formulations, but also to follow the scientific updates about clinical pharmacy, clinical nutrition, economy and many other fields, in addition to advanced technological skills and to be trained on how to use the system.

The pharmacist should adapt to the CRM systems s/he works on, as the e-systems have become a basic part of his/her work, to enter purchases and sales, and to know expiry dates of drugs.

Those systems are publishing periodical bulletins issued by the drug factories, relevant authorities and ministries with regard to medicines and pharmaceutical formulations.

So, the pharmacist will become familiar with the latest health guidelines and recent studies of drug interactions or their effects or other medical and pharmacological information.

How Technology IS Reshaping the Pharmacist Role 

The pharmacist’s mission is not as simple as before, and it is no longer linked to his/her work field only, but also the daily routine management work on the pharmacy CRM has become one of his/her main tasks.

The pharmacist issues regarding the invoices of buying and selling of drugs, follow up deficient drugs with the producing companies, communicating with warehouses, delivery section, cosmetics, treasury and other added tasks.

S/he became responsible for the customer care more than his/her limited responsibility of dispensing drugs, as s/he creates an e-record for each new customer or searches for existing customer data to add their orders to their existing account via the system.

S/he will also receive and send e-mails to the customers and sends them notes, brochures, surveys and other info.

Pharmacy Management Softwares & Focused Patient Care

With the development of pharmaceutical management systems, there are many tasks that pharmacists can perform due to the information that has become available on the system, which gives them options to focus more on patients, for example:

Advise patients to go to the right doctor

Introducing medical advice on medications’ use

Prescribing the appropriate OTC drugs for some simple cases like cold, bruises and others

Preparing pharmaceutical formulations

Providing medical advice on dealing with obesity or quitting smoking

Knowing drugs interactions with each other, and inform the patient with the effect of certain foods or drinks on the effectiveness of some medicines.

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