Tips to Keep Your Pharmacy Store Secure Using Technology
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Keeping the pharmacy store secure is a dangerous matter and is a priority for health institutions worldwide.

Storing pharmacy inventory management in stores is a vital and sensitive procedure, because it must guarantee keeping the medications safe. That’s why the FDA has put firm regulations and laws for stores of medicines.

The technology can contribute to:

- Accurately standardize the names and terms of the drugs

- Automatically carry out routine and documentary tasks in pharmacy stores 

- Accurate and specialized search for medications, formulas and the available information about each medicinal product.

- Automated issuance of stores’ documents

Technologies for Pharmaceutical Store Security

The medications should be stored in an appropriate clean place, that allow cleaning and continuous inspection through shelves specialized for that. Devices should be placed to measure humidity and temperature ratios and others.

    - Use a professional program to manage the pharmacy

    - Mark every medicinal product with a traceable code.

    - Automatic classification of approved or rejected items.

    - Create a list of e-procedures for each drug.

    - Establish a warehouse recall mechanism.

    - Write details of the appropriate conditions for storing each drug in the program and on the storage shelves.

    - There are some items that need a certain degree of light in order not to be damaged, so you should pay attention to this.

    - Automatically follow the expiration dates and issue an alert.

    - Connecting stores to each other automatically if there is more than one store.

    - Automatic distribution of drugs for shipping and transportation.

    - Sales and purchase pricing processes.

    - Record alternatives to deficient medications.

    - Compare the stock during specific periods, whether days, months or years.

    - Issuing invoices, receipts and automated purchase orders.

    - Issuing detailed automated reports on the movement of medications.

Safe Pharmacy Stores Standards

 There are a lot of standards that should be available in safe warehouses, including: 

    - The space is sufficient for storage, sorting, transportation, replacement and supply.

    - Ventilation should be appropriate.

    - Damaged or expired medicines should be separated in a place designated for that away from the rest of the medicines.

    - Install cameras equipped with night vision and HD technology.

    - Control entry only to persons authorized through eye- print devices that are impossible to forge.

    - Record all incoming and outgoing documents for medicines.

Pharmacy Store Arrangement Methods

There are many methods of storage that differ from one warehouse to another. There are those who use the alphabet through the first letter in the name of the medicine.

It can also be arranged according to the treatment category that is classified in different shelves, according to each disease.

The pharmacy stocks can also be classified according to the type of drug composition, whether they are tablets, fluids, injections, creams or paints.

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