3 Ways to Protect Your Independent Pharmacy system in a Growing Industry
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Independent pharmacy systems and solutions have become various and are improving day by day, as they include several tools that can help you achieve leadership. 

When you are thinking about assisting systems and softwares in the management of your local pharmacy, you have to set priorities regarding store rooms management, sales, human resources and customer service in a special way that guarantees their loyalty and your leadership among your competitors.

Advantages of Assisting
Pharmacy Management Solutions

There are a lot of requirements that should be met in independent pharmacy systems and their assisting features that help you achieve the strategic goals of your management including:

  • Supporting more than one language, in order to be able to deal with all customers with different languages

  • Including the feature of linking your pharmacy branches online to ensure speed and efficient communication and standardized service level

  • Including backup and data recovery tools to ensure that data is always safe no matter how operating system changes

  • Guaranteeing the permissions accurately and progressively for all users at different administrative levels across the system

  • Supporting the use of barcode in order to receive and deliver drugs and to search in storage rooms using the system if some categories are available

  • Supporting famous operating systems like Windows or free open source systems

  • Monitoring storage rooms with cameras in order to provide the highest levels of security

  • Including humidity and temperature measuring tools in order to maintain drugs in storage rooms.

  • Supporting instant communication through chatting or internal contacting online among all sections

  • Using artificial intelligence (AI) whether in analyzing data and issuing reports or any other innovated tasks

Using Technology in
Pharmacy Management

Technology can be used and adapted in the management of independent pharmacy in order to achieve different goals through a number of steps that you should search about how to implement and improve including:

  • Linking the main program of pharmaceutical services management with the rest of the assisting programs, which helps to transfer data easily and conveniently through different formats whether it is Excel or PDF

  • Managing quality by using programs for customer services on the internet through an online chat program or by assigning employees to customer service through automated chat services

  • Using automated robots in drugs store rooms to transport, handle and arrange them safely and correctly.

  • Linking the system of pharmaceutical services management with a mobile application specifically designed for customer service through which the pharmacy team can be linked. 

Essential Elements to
Improve Competitiveness

If you want to guarantee participating in real competitiveness, you have to pay attention to these details that will help you achieve success:

- You should not stop at the usual pharmaceutical services, but you have to provide additional services for patients such as free measuring of blood pressure and diabetes in addition to measuring weight

- You should pay attention to cosmetics because it matters to a large section of people

- You have to know your patients opinions about your services immediately in order to improve them

- You can gain excellence when you provide your customers with insufficient or rare drugs

- Train your team on used programs and tools so as to be able to use efficiently 


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