How to Increase Your Sales with Pharmacy Billing Software
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Managing a pharmacy is not an easy job, especially with the sensitivity of the products you sell. 

Drug inventory needs special management in order to serve customers in a distinct and safe way, especially with the multiplicity of its alternatives, the sudden disappearance of some drugs, or other situations facing pharmacists. And here pharmacy billing software comes in handy in solving many issues related to billing.

With the spread of pharmacies’ chains, the evolution of their shape, service type, delivery services, online ordering and other root developments, it has become a necessity to search for an effective way to manage pharmacies’ accounting and increase sales, which in turn increases the percentage of profits.

Specifications of a Successful
Pharmacy Billing Software 

Accurate Data

The accurate information provided by the advanced programs for billing systems help greatly in taking the appropriate decisions of the pharmacy management, especially regarding sales increase.

Real-time Reports

Pharmacy billing systems provide real-time, not daily or monthly, reports on the volume of sales whether increasing or decreasing to search for reasons and make decisions about it. 

Then you can start including other marketing and promotional efforts to increase sales.

Connecting Multiple Branches

In case of multiple branches, warehouses and suppliers, the online pharmaceutical billing system that connects different locations in one system is a must.

Integrating such software is a guarantee for the success of financial control, in addition to stock control and the follow-up of the missing items and their provision, in order to obtain customer satisfaction.

Personalized Patient Care

Advanced Pharmacy Billing Software allow adding an additional list with the names and contacts of customers who request missing or rare medicines to provide them as quickly as possible and contact clients to inform them of their availability. 

This increases loyalty of customers and raises their confidence in the pharmacy and thus increases sales.

Data Security

One of the very important points is securing customers’ data, saving it and the ability to recover it at any time when there is an update to the program, in addition to showing the expiry dates of the medicines and issuing alerts if the expiration of some items approaches.

4 Must-Have Features in
Pharmacy Billing System

Smart Archiving

It should include ready-made databases having a huge number of drugs that are updated around the clock, with the description and definition of drugs, classes, formulations, and classifying them according to type to the medicine department or the cosmetic department.

It should also include a space for registering alternative and deficient medicines in order to give customers complete and clear information that helps raising customers’ trust in the pharmacy and increase their loyalty to it, which in return contributes to increasing sales and retaining customers.

Further, It should have the feature of smart search whether by bar-code, medication name, price, drug form and other smart classifications for searching, to make it faster and more effective for the customers who do not know the name or the price of the medication, but they only remember the shape of the pack, especially the elderly.

Customers management

The program should include classifying customers to cash, deferred, institution affiliate, health insurance customer and other classifications.

It is necessary that the program can easily identify customer accounts by phone number, reference number, address, date of last purchase invoice or other, in addition to customer debts and other matters.

Billing management

Billing management is one of the most important components of a successful pharmacy management and Pharmacy Billing Software, by organizing sales, purchases, returns, and others.

The program should include creating invoices automatically through the bar-code that includes the item, price, storage, and validity which can also be modified automatically.

The billing management aims precisely to adjust the accounts, in addition to calculating the revenues, expenses and profits.

Human Resource Management

The Human Resources Management division includes managing employees, their salaries, discounts and bonuses, in addition to managing vacations, and all that relates to employees.

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