Pharmacy – Case Study


 is a chain pharmacy that worked with outdated software which prevented the management from evaluating the stock, gaining visibility on items in different branches, and having robust control over the accounting system.


The pharmacy suffered from a lot of weak points, such as:

    • Lack of visibility

    • Manual transferring of goods with a lot of time-wasting data entry  tasks 

    • Recurring human errors in setting costs for pharmaceutical goods 

All of this led to overstocking or under-stocking due to lack of accurate information, and thus resulted in loss of cash control and loose returns policy.


As they started to use Dawatech system they enjoyed a state-of-the-art accounting system with accurate reports regarding transferring of goods between branches. 


    • Full and unified visibility of all branches in one place

    • Enhanced customer service 

    • Better stock management and ordering that resulted in huge saving and better cash management

    • Profitability increased due to better purchases saving 

    • Improved pharmacy performance 

    • higher control for pharmacies  made the management  decide to expand with confidence as they have all the needed tools to control multiple branches  

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