Dawatech CMS - a big picture


A pharmacist who used to work with an old system in his pharmacy. His knowledge about his stock value, moving items, and expiries was not accurate.

He mainly depended on manual work to obtain data which took huge effort from him and his team. It all led to unsatisfying patient care.


Using primitive and non-automated system led to many issues such as:

    • Wasted time and effort

    • Overstocking or understocking

    • Long and tiring process of matching the statement of account and returns with suppliers 

    • Lack of control over the selling process, especially in differentiating between  the items that can be sold in partial and those that cannot

    • No detailed reports about his pharmacy’s in-house operations 


After installing Dawatech system, he noticed the amount of available overstocking that he needs to liquidate in his pharmacy. 

Also, he started to depend on the stock replenishment reports which helped him in changing the style of purchasing to be more profitable.

Matching the statement of account with suppliers and following up on credit note became a simple process; as well as, following up with expiries became easier with few clicks.


    • Automating purchase orders

    • Having a robust control over his pharmacy 

    • Improving purchasing process

    • Providing better customer service 

    • Enhancing cash flow 

    • Gaining higher profitability and better savings  

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