Al Masri Pharmacy – Case Study

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Al Misry Pharmacy is a prominent pharmacy located in Egypt with a long history in the pharmaceutical industry. 

The pharmacy was run without a software as the competition was increasing in the sector. 


Due to the rising competition, the owner needed a solution to save in purchases, improve profitability, and monitor item movement in the pharmacy.


In order to improve pharmacy’s performance, the owner needed visualized and detailed data, such as:

    • Fastest moving items 

    • Slowest moving items

    • Most profitable items

    • Near expiry items stock 

    • Aging reports

This data is beneficial to make the right decision and generate tailored reports to enable the management to see their pharmacy in a multidimensional prospective, which Dawatech system succeeded in providing because of its flexible and detailed reporting system


After 3 months of using Dawatech system and reports, the owner started to notice improvement in the following:

    • Purchases and sales rates increased as the owner focused on items needed in the pharmacy and started to liquidate non-moving items which resulted in a better cash flow

    • Customer service and satisfaction were improved in a noticeable way as result of data he collected from the system

    • Staff productivity was enhanced noticeably

    • Increased personalized patient care

    • Improved safety of pharmacy’s data and patients’ information

Bottom Line

The professional training, after sales service, and support the owner received from dawatech, which complies with international standard, gave him an extra reason to recommend the system to other colleagues.

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